New Students

We welcome all ages and abilities to our classes. Beginners are welcome at any time. Yoga is not competitive but a personal journey of discovery. Classes are small so you enjoy close supervision from our highly qualified and experienced teachers. We encourage you to go at your own pace.

Our studio is fully equipped and kept at a comfortable temperature. We do not heat the room like some yoga styles. You don’t need to bring anything, just your bare feet, comfy and loose fitting clothing – as well as a willing attitude! Feel free to bring your own mat if you prefer to.

Getting started:

  1. Fill in our short registration form.
  2. We recommend you book classes through our live timetable (app). If you’d prefer not to book a class online, no problem, come along and we can book you in at reception. Here is more information about class prices and booking.

Which class will suit me?

We offer a wide ranges of yoga styles to ensure there is a class that suits you best. Classes vary from the most dynamic to deeply restorative and everything in between – so whatever your age, experience and ability we have classes for you. We also offer private group and individual tuition.

We are here to help you find the perfect class for your specific needs. If you are unsure of your entry level or what style of yoga you should investigate, please get in touch We love to talk about all things yoga.

House Keeping – A few suggestions

  • Mobile phone – please turn off before entering.
  • Shoes  – leaving your shoes and socks neatly at the door.
  • Belongings can be placed in the storage unit in reception, keeping the practice area free from clutter.
  • Quiet – please enter the class quietly, keeping conversation to a minimum. One of the benefits of a yoga class is a peaceful and serene environment, offering a retreat from the outside world for a short time.
  • Introduce yourself to the teacher – let them know if you have any injuries or pre-existing medical conditions such as epilepsy, hypertension, low blood pressure, heart issues or diabetes.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that stretch and breathe with your body, to allow you the greatest range of movement.
  • Look after yourself: listen to your body, work within your limits and rest whenever you need.

What should I expect?

Yoga is an ancient system of spiritual and health-promoting practices that are popular in the West because they are gentle, can be adapted to suit anyone, regardless of fitness, flexibility or the lack of it!

Expect to feel both calm and energised at the end of a class. You may find you sleep better, cope better with stress and improve your creativity shortly after starting regular yoga classes. You’ll also feel stronger, more balanced and clearer in your mind and body.

Read more information about yoga here.