Class Timetable
Studio and On-Line Classes via Zoom.

Bookings & Passes

We use a booking system called Punchpass. To operate Punchpass you will have to
'Create an Account, Purchase a Pass'. Then you can book your classes or if you'd prefer come along to the studio and we will do it for you.

General Level Classes

Suits all levels of practice, including beginners. A series of static postures sequenced to stretch, strengthen, mobilise the body and focus the mind.

Yin Yoga

***Thursday 17:30 (5.30pm) is an online class – ZOOM***

Yin suits all levels. A slower and gentle yoga practice, holding postures for longer periods. Mostly practiced on the floor and often using the support of props.

Slow Flow

This gentle class is aimed at  restoring energy by moving the body through rejuvenating sequences, restorative poses and guided relaxation practices. During this class you’ll be guided through a series of postures safely and slowly with emphasis on breath synchronicity.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga classes are ideal if you have difficulty balancing or sitting on the floor. Great for the elderly or people new to exercise or movement, people recovery from an injury or illness. You can enjoy all the benefits of yoga while safely seated in a chair.