An unusual question in the context of yoga but a genuine inquiry made by a former student. It’s a fairly common occurrence for people to want to share their experience or ask for feedback on their practices at the end of a class. I have a definite interest in the benefits and challenges of my students. I’m more than willing to offer constructive feedback and advise.

If a person is seeking compliments for sake of being complimented they’re simply on an ego driven mission to satisfy some inner personality defect. If you’re not being complimented throughout practice it’s not because your teacher or any other person in the class is threatened by what you might think is your superiority in yoga-asana practice.

A basic principle of yoga practice is to let go of ego, not to have it stoked. I’ll certainly encourage and point of improvements, I’ll offer advise on how to advance in practice but if your agenda is to be constantly praised I’m not the teacher for you. Classes are designed to challenge both physically and mentally honouring the unique attributes of the individual. The formula is fairly simple, exercise of the body and innercise of the mind using the breath as the link without ego.

My teaching message is basic and I repeat it during every class. Place your body into a pose at a depth where you’re comfortable, don’t get caught up in an ideal of physical perfection, you’re not being judged or critiqued. Honour your condition and be gentle with yourself. No ego. No competition. Real yoga for real people @ peninsula yoga.