“I’ve got a Better Body than her”

This totally misinformed and inappropriate comment was made by a former student of my studio, a fairly long-term practitioner.

As indicated by these words this person has no understanding of the principles of practice yoga . They certainly aren’t aware of my policy of inclusion. This type of mind-set is beyond my comprehension. Certainly only a rather fragile ego would compare their physical shape as a trophy of superiority to another person.

The most frustrating part of this narcissistic comment is that the message that defies my classes is not being heard. “Everybody is different and regardless of your body type or shape there is an appropriate practice for you”.

I remove all sense of competition in my classes, no one passes, no one fails” I constantly promote that there is no prototype body for yoga movement. Everyone benefits regardless of how you look, what you wear or how advanced your practice may be.I’ll continue to offer real yoga for real people.

Yoga practice is not exercise, it’s movement therapy

The shape of your body is not a reflection of the benefit you will receive from yoga practice

I will assess and consult with you to determine your physical, emotional and mental condition and recommend the appropriate class for you.

I will consult with your health care professionals (with your permission) to develop a practice appropriate to you.

One on one coaching is available if you have chronic illnesses or injuries.

You will be respected and nurtured throughout your practic