Santosa (Contentment)

Be Happy…

Santosa (contentment)

Yoga is all about getting over yourself. Be realistic there are certain poses you may never master. There are certain higher states of mind you will never achieve. Physical, mental and emotional restraints can and will hold you back.

Don’t give up but be realistic, remember it’s about the journey not the destination.

The selfie era has placed a hole lot of pressure on yogis to “perform” don’t get caught up the “kardashianisation” of yoga or be deluded by the smoke and mirrors of Instagram sport models.

I teach yoga to people who can perform asana to perfection but they tell me they would do anything to have quiet mind. I teach classes to people with limited mobility but have great focus, all they want to do is to move with freedom.

Please challenge yourself, strive to improve but be content. No gimmicks @ peninsula Yoga just authentic hatha yoga without the wank factor.